Party kitchens

Magnet breaks down the barriers

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Whether you have a big house in the country or a cosy urban loft space, size doesn't matter when it comes to creating a successful space for socialising.

It's important to be savvy with your space no matter how many square metres you have to work with. It's also crucial to consider what kind of entertainer you are - do you encourage mingling? Or do you like an orderly evening complete with place names?

If it's the latter then consider your table type carefully- a round dining table will encourage conversation amongst different guests whereas a long rectangular table can be a little more restricting.

You may also want to have an area for when the evening is winding down. Most people see sitting at the dinner table as quite formal – an adjoining seating area is perfect for a more relaxed atmosphere.

If you prefer a laidback soirée and to let guests roam around freely, remember to incorporate some form of order. Having stations for drinks, food and music is perfect for unorganised order. Your guests will be naturally drawn to the areas that they're interested in - whether they're a foodie, drinks connoisseur or a music buff.

Not only will this ensure your guests are entertained but they'll find themselves in the company of others that share the same interests. The conversation and entertainment will flow from there.

Another simple but effective tool is the use of lighting. You can immediately create the perfect space for socialising at the flick of a dimmer switch. The ability to alter the level of light in the room is fundamental to creating the right mood. A dimmed light automatically registers evening entertainment and relaxes your guests.

Alternatively, if you have an open plan room you can keep one light on in the kitchen and the living room light dimmed to create zones and allow your guests to move between the two depending on their mood.