Kitchen floor décor

Make your kitchen look bigger with clever flooring

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Making your kitchen look bigger is a skillful trick but there are a few easy steps to help you master it. One of the secrets to opening up your space is clever use of flooring.

Carefully considered floor décor will help create the illusion of a larger kitchen and immediately open up your space. If you’re keen to get on board why not try one of these smart strategies:

Big tiles

Using large tiles creates the assumption that the tiling is covering more space thus making the room immediately seem bigger. Opt for slate or marble for a polished grand finish.

Interesting patterns

Using busy, interesting patterns will distract the eye. A space with the same pattern repeated will immediately trick the eye into seeing a larger room – the bigger and bolder the pattern, the bigger your kitchen will look.

Use the same colour

Painting the floor and kitchen walls the same colour will create the illusion that your space goes on forever. If the eye sees no obvious cut off point distinguishing the floor end and where the wall starts it instantly assumes it’s a bigger space.