Forget spring cleaning, get a spring kitchen

Top tips to get your kitchen ready for spring

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A walk outdoors is sure to get you noticing the first signs of spring. The smell of daffodils and crocuses isall very well but, how can you bring this sunshine and happiness indoors?

A spring clean is mandatory but there are additional ways to give your kitchen a spring atmosphere:

Put a spring in your step

If you happen to be thinking of buying a kitchen, this is the perfect time to go for a spring inspired kitchen. Opt for bright colours like white or pastel shades to really open up your space and create a fresh, airy atmosphere.

Bring the outdoors in

It might sound simple but making sure you have fresh flowers and house plants in your kitchen is an easyway to brighten up your space and bring in the essence of spring.

Open your mind

Spring is all about embracing the fresh open air so being at one with nature is the perfect way to get into the spirit. Large open windows or even better, patio doors will make sure you get all the scents of spring in your kitchen… Just imagine the smell of fresh flowers as you eat a delicious Caesar salad.