Claim to kitchen fame

Reclaimed furniture will restore your most prized possessions

Wooded spoons Emilie

Something old, new, borrowed or blue – reclaimed furniture in the kitchen is a match made in heaven. The opportunities are endless when it comes to transforming old furniture into something completely different.

If you’re about to throw out an old filing cabinet or chest of drawers or even some scrap corrugated iron – think again. These items might not have a place in your home for their intended purpose but why not give some thought to how they could fit in?

Are you about to splash out on a new coffee table or shoe rack? There’s no need when you have the materials to do it yourself; items like old drawers or wood slacks are the perfect candidates for reclaimed furniture.

And you don’t have to restrict yourself to wood – any furniture can be transformed if you look beyond its purpose and see its potential. Take an old car seat for example, with the right treatment and creative touch it can become quirky lounge chair in your kitchen.

So the next time you have the car boot packed ready for a trip to the skip, #lookagain and see what treasure lies before you.