The Coolest Appliance Of 2015

The Third Tap You Need In Your Kitchen

Integra Fantasy Grey

As a nation we are renowned for loving a hot beverage. Whether you take your coffee black, enjoy a builder’s brew or prefer peppermint infused tea, we just can’t get enough of them.

What do you do while waiting for the kettle to boil? Think of the errands you have to run that day, check your post or put some washing away? Well what if we were to tell you those three minutes of wasted boiling time could be gone forever with the introduction of a boiling water tap.

2015 has seen a surge in sales of the ‘coolest’ kitchen appliance on the market, in the form of instant boiling water taps running directly from your water supply.

At Magnet we have a range of taps in differing finishes all with the sole purpose of making brew time easier. Who knows what you could do with those three minutes now?

The taps are proven to be economically friendly, plus it is important to note for any conscious parents out there that the taps have safety locks on them.

As if we needed another reason to enjoy brew time, the Insinkerator 3N1 Steaming Hot and Cold Water Tap also filters the water. Providing you with perfectly filtered and instant hot boiling water.