Have-A-Go Hacking

Home projects to get involved in

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Hacker: A person who builds, rebuilds, modifies and creates items either to make them better or give it added features.

Do you want to reinvigorate your home but are struggling with budget? Hacking is your answer to these home dilemmas. Utilise old items that are lying around and reinvigorate them with these handy tips and tricks.

Pull that old wooden ladder out from the back of your garage, clean it up and strengthen with a paint coating of your choice. Add old glass shelves or tiles and secure it to an empty wall in your home. This creates a beautifully rustic look and prioritises a place for family photos and ornaments.

We all know how expensive top of the line fridges can be. Instead be a top hacker and coat your fridge in blackboard paint, turning it into a base for writing your shopping list, family activities planned that week or simply as a canvas for your kids to get creative with.

Finally transform your dull coffee table into a piece of art that looks like it’s straight from the pages of an uber-chic interiors catalogue. You can pick up contact or sticky back plastic wallpaper in an array of colours, prints and designs. Cut to size and smooth over the surface of your table.

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