Garden Party Guide

Ultimate tips for throwing the perfect party

Studio Cream

If there is one thing us Brits are good at it’s throwing a garden party. We run with the stereotypes, drown ourselves in bunting and cucumber sandwiches and fill our gardens with enough fairy lights to illuminate a small country.

But how can we avoid a dull atmosphere, luke-warm drinks and a soggy soiree? Well, we can’t help with the weather, but follow this handy guide to be the host with the most this summer season.

SET THE SCENE – Fill your garden with as much greenery as possible. Plant flowers, hanging baskets and place additional flowers in vases dotted across your tables. Opt for mellow, soft colours to create a chilled ambience and embellish with bunting in similar colours.

FILL UP YOUR GUESTS – Be unconventional and don’t feel tied to the usual barbeque food. Instead devise a menu of deli sandwiches, charcuterie boards, fresh cheese and bread plus a varied range of fruit and sweet treats. Equally as important as the food is of course the cocktails, don’t forget to serve the guaranteed summer hit – Pimms.

ENTERTAIN – Whether it’s a family or adults only party, there always has to be an element of fun. Bring back some classic lawn games such as boules, croquet or charades. If you have music in your kitchen, such as the Magnet integrated Sound Bar, open wide your doors and windows and enjoy a chilled out playlist in your garden.

Whatever garden parties you attend this summer make sure you enjoy them, it will be winter before we know it!