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Lighting has become more than just a necessity

Industrial Lighting
Industrial Lighting

Your kitchen needs to be well lit; it’s a must. Whether you get that from floor to ceiling sliding doors, under unit lighting or the newest trend for 2015, industrial-style lighting.

Spotlights should be left in 2014, and instead adopt low hung, oversized lighting made up of steel, copper, glass and wire.

Don’t be afraid that your kitchen will look like the back of a busy restaurant chain, industrial-style lighting can work with modern or traditional kitchens. Combine these two elements and pair together stainless steel with wood and glass with marble to create a stunning, homely kitchen.

Industrial-style lighting however cannot work anywhere in the room. Due to the nature of the low hanging, over sized style, the feature looks best over large kitchen islands, dining tables or sinks.

If you have high ceilings this lighting technique does a great job in bringing the room together and reducing the over-head gap. It also makes for a stunning effect and adds tremendous character to your kitchen.

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