RIBA Awards 2015

The Oscars of the architecture industry

Somerton Cream

Architecture surrounds us, from the exterior of your house to your workplace and even down to the building structure of your local gym.

Maybe you are an avid Grand Designs fan and just can’t get enough of Kevin McCloud? Well here is where the RIBA Awards step in; dubbed the ‘Oscars of the architecture industry’, the Royal Institute of Business Architects recognise the truly stunning and inspiring buildings from across the UK and compile an annual list.

This year 37 winners have been chosen from cathedrals to galleries and even as small as family homes. Out of this list a further shortlist will be compiled to crown an overall winner of the Stirling Prize.

With so many run down buildings and poor-quality housing it is vital to support excellent, home-grown talent and recognise the importance of amazing architecture.

The RIBA Awards are the world’s most prestigious architecture awards, so we look forward to seeing who is crowned top.

Check out our three favourite structures: Sheffield Cathedral, Whitworth Gallery Manchester and Cliff House in Southgate.