How To Add Colour To Your Kitchen

Without a total kitchen revamp


We always look for change in the summer months, women want to lighten their hair colour, men’s wardrobe choices change (maybe not for the better) and all of us want a fresh look throughout our homes.

Your kitchen is no different and with the longer nights and brighter mornings comes the want for a colour revamp. Without stripping out all of your existing cabinets and knocking through walls try your hand at these simple but effective tips.


How obvious, you might think? But avoid painting every wall in your kitchen which could create an overcrowded atmosphere, and instead pick one feature wall and opt for a vibrant colour that coordinates with your cabinets.


Switch up your kitchen colour scheme with the purchase of new canisters, utensils, cushions, light shades and ornaments. Make a feature of your colourful crockery by placing them in open cabinets.


A huge trend at the moment is placing colourful fruit, chocolate, sweets, pasta and just about any food in large glass jars. Not only is the look really effective but makes the treats easily accessible in your kitchen – we will let you decide if that is a good thing or not.