Exactly How Do You Stack Your Dishwasher?

You may have been doing it wrong all this time


At last we have a guide to end family arguments about loading the dishwasher. Those Sunday lunch tantrums when Dad thinks he knows best about filling the dishwasher with the colossal amount of plates, side plates, bowls and pans when realistically it’s never all going to go in.

What category do you fall into when it comes to stacking the dishwasher? Are you a meticulous packer, practicing like you are piecing together a nuclear bomb? Or maybe a jumbled mess, in a ‘throw it in and hope for the best’ kind of way?

Whichever way, thanks to a survey by a leading dishwasher brand we now know what exactly is right and just what we have been doing wrong all these years.

DO stack plates by size, facing the same way

DO prevent drips by emptying the bottom rack first

DO position knives point down for safety. Forks and spoons can go either way

DO place cups at an angle so water can run off

DO make sure glasses are not touching so they don’t chip or break

DO wait until you have a full load to save water and electricity


DON’T rinse before loading – just scrape off excess food

DON’T dump everything in at random

DON’T stack pans on top of each other

DON’T put crystal in the dishwasher

DON’T leave dishwasher tablets lying around as they can harm children

Whether stubborn partners or awkward flatmates choose to listen to this, or stick to their own firmly held dishwasher stacking views, remains to be seen.

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