Show & hide trend

Balancing style and practicality in the kitchen, by Will Taylor-Willis

As modern life leads homeowners to spend more time in the kitchen than ever before – from cooking to entertaining to doing schoolwork and more – it has become increasingly challenging to create a space that is multi-functional and stylish.

Yet, while homeowners seek for both style and practicality, they’re also keen to make things more personal. Since the recession we have become more adapt and keen to invest our time into creating a home that reflects our personalities. Instead of looking to buy and sell homes quickly, we are devoting our time to creating spaces that will feel like home for many years to come.

As a result of this shift, Magnet has embraced the trend to show and hide different elements of a kitchen arsenal with its new Illuminated Feature Drawer. This beautiful kitchen addition is not only apt for creating a stylish focal point, but also helps to streamline busy day-to-day lives. In doing so, the Illuminated Feature Drawer affords homeowners the opportunity to express their personality, while still providing must-have storage space for those kitchen utensils you need to hand – but hate to have on show.

A notable benefit of this fully functioning drawer is that it doesn’t mean you end up with dusty, dirty utensils and tableware, in the way you might if you displayed the objects on open shelves.

Lighting also plays an important part in the feel and atmosphere of a kitchen, and this drawer utilises this design element by providing a gentle pool of light to create a visual focal point. The illuminations inside the front display part of the drawer create a spotlight on your personal touches. This is a subtle way to help tell the story of your kitchen and of how you live.

By Will Taylor-Willis