Kitchen trends in 2015

Magnet looks at the year ahead and predicts the kitchen trends in 2015.

Astral Oro, Studio Grey

Kitchen design is dynamic. Like everything else in life, it is ever-changing as consumers’ tastes develop and new innovations transform the way we design and use our kitchens.

Here are a number of trends that are expected to take off in 2015.


Not every home is blessed with extensive space in the kitchen and increasingly time and money is going into researching and developing ways to make space in the kitchen work harder for you.

Don't be surprised to see walls turning into tables and cabinets into worktops in 2015 as multi purpose features take a grip on the market. These stylish space savers are perfect for kitchens where space comes at a premium. It gives customers the power to do more in the heart of the home.

Magnet’s Worktop Plus and Table Plus innovations are helping to make kitchens more practical than ever before, making use of every last inch of space.


As well as being used for storage, open shelving allows homeowners to express personality in their kitchens.

These shelves don't necessarily need to be used for home crockery or utensils, they allow for creativity, so why not hunt out bargains such as on-trend vintage bottles or a sprawling potted ivy plant?


Thanks to continuous advances in technology, even kitchens are becoming digital hotspots in the home. Automated appliances have helped us to speed up cooking and cleaning, giving us more time for socialising in the kitchen.

As a result, all forms of digi-tech are being integrated into our kitchen. Inbuilt sound systems such as Magnet’s Sound Bar are used to set the mood and are seamlessly fitted into the design of the kitchen.


High-gloss may have been a top performer in 2014 but we expect textured cabinetry to have its day in 2015.

Textured cabinets complement the design trend of perfect imperfection. Rich texture is married with sleek light fittings, showcase feature drawers and uber stylish hardware to create a well-balanced finish.