Kitchen design tips

Make a feature wall using a chalkboard

Magnet Kitchen Fusion White

Magnet is always one step ahead of the latest trends whether it’s kitchen cabinets, innovative products or alternative accessories.

2015 will see a more resourceful kitchen owner in more ways than one. With busy schedules and bustling social lives it's easy to forget to pick up the milk from the corner shop (or your son from karate), so sometimes we need more than the ping of our electronic 'to do' lists. The notepad pinned to the fridge may be all but extinct, but we still sometimes need a visual reminder.

Bringing the chalkboard back into our homes is the perfect back-to-basics trend to keep your kitchen ‘down with the kids’ and your everyday list at the forefront of your mind.

Whether it's motivational quotes to see you through the day or a super-sized jotter to jog your memory, a wall of chalkboard is bound to keep you ahead of the curve and impress both family and guests.

Team a chalkboard wall with a white kitchen like Magnet’s Astral White for maximum impact and an old school edge.