Create instant worktop space

Magnet’s latest kitchen innovation, Worktop Plus, gives you the opportunity to utilise space better than ever before.

Worktop Plus,Oro, Studio Grey

Space in the home comes at a premium. It always has - it gives us greater freedom to move around, do the things we love and get creative.

But more than ever space is in short supply. Quite simply, we have more things to fill our homes with and, the kitchen is no different. From a kitchen essential such as a waste bin to electronic accessories like espresso machines, they all need a home, they all need space.

It’s not just appliances we need to cater for. The kitchen is a hive of activity in any home. There’s homework to be finished and delicious food to be prepared. So how are you going to fit all this into your kitchen?

The answer is simple - design your kitchen around your daily life with the new Worktop Plus innovation.

The ingenious design means you no longer have to compromise on space. The fold-out worktop with roll out wheels is hidden away within a cabinet, integrating it seamlessly into the rest of your beautiful kitchen.

For ultimate functionality, Worktop Plus is easy to use as the wheels do the work for you – effortlessly sliding back and forth as and when you need it. There’s also storage built into the design, creating even more space to home kitchenware.

So #lookagain at your kitchen and imagine how this innovation could work wonders for you. Don’t be restricted by space – make it work harder for you.