Kitchen hacking tips

Hack your way to a happy kitchen

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Revamping your kitchen doesn't mean spending a fortune on shiny new cabinets and appliances.

Hacking is a popular kitchen trend that’s cost effective and puts a personal stamp on your kitchen. Whether you're a DIY pro or new to recycling, we've come up with some hacking tips perfect for the kitchen:

1. Open your eyes and your mind

Everything has potential and multiple functions, you just need to see beyond the purpose objects are categorised into. An old rake can easily become a wine glass holder, a couple of wooden slacks can be transformed into a coffee table and a sanded down tree stump make great tablemats.

2. Hacking is about cutting costs, not corners

It may take a few attempts but persevere and you'll achieve the look you want. It's always a good idea to have a practice first so grab more wood than you expect to use or experiment on other objects first, it may take longer but the end product will be more than worth it.

3. Be yourself

No matter how 'out there' your vision is, go for it. Hacking is all about injecting personality into your home so be confident in your project and your ability. Whether it’s subtle touches like changing kitchen cabinet door handles or revamping an entire kitchen worktop, each hack is important and adds to the overall character of your kitchen.

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