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Do you want a Japanese kitchen?

Fantasy Oak

台所, or kitchen in Japanese to you and I, is a word we should all be learning and more importantly taking inspiration from.

We are moving on from the stripped back Scandi style kitchens where functionality is key, to a Japanese kitchen that embodies simplicity, and a back to nature style.

One popular idea most Japanese kitchens seem to subscribe to is bringing people together, to create a space that can be lived in – a communal space that incorporates cooking, eating and relaxing. Which is an idea definitely shared here in the UK.

Japanese interior design uses exposed wood in the walls, worktops, furniture, floor and ceiling. This way the design stays simple but feels warm and inviting.

Straight, clean lines run throughout Japanese kitchens with minimal fuss. Often the only creative element is by bringing nature back into the kitchen with a small, zen, indoor garden. Or maybe in the UK a bonsai tree perched on your windowsill.

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