Cosy Up Your Kitchen

Colours and accessories to choose in winter

Somerton Cream

As you well know - or should know if you have been reading the Magnet Kitchenista Blog – minimalist, industrial kitchens have been a huge trend in 2015 and will continue to be long into 2016.

The use of copper, metal and wood combined with clean lines along units, white walls and streamline kitchen furniture provides an aesthetically beautiful kitchen with a modern, fresh look. But as winter approaches, bringing with it cold nights and mornings we need to add some simple colour changes and accessories to cosy up your kitchen.

An all white kitchen makes for the perfect base to switch up your kitchen as quickly as the season changes. Choose red accessories, warm golds or burnt orange for your walls, ornaments and paintings now that winter has arrived.

Soft furnishings such as your toaster, kettle and bread bin are a great way to inject some colour into your kitchen for very little expense. If you are working with a large open-plan kitchen try adding a rug to add warmth and bring your kitchen colour scheme together.

In addition, use cushions and throws on your dining table and chairs to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. We all know the kitchen table is the hub of any home so lets make it as cosy as possible.

Finally, open shelving can make a kitchen seem less regimented and stiff by creating shelves and space to display knick-knacks, ornaments and maybe even now that it is time – Christmas decorations!