Splashback Tile Trends 2015

The splashback shouldn’t just be a practical element

Astral Oro

Often underrated, splashbacks have always been a prominent feature in the kitchen. But now, we’re going to quash the idea that they are resigned just for practical purposes and show you how to get creative with your splashback.


The sleekest of the options today - a perfectly fitted sheet of deco glaze running the length of your worktop provides a chic finish. This option is also available in metallic colours. When fitted against a hard material this should prevent any dents, and it is extremely easy to clean.


Make a statement feature out of your splashback with a stunning pebble tile effect. Possibly a difficult one to install, but let’s leave that to the experts and sit back and enjoy a uniquely attractive splashback. This will however take a lot of cleaning to avoid the grout rotting – something nobody wants.


The original solid surface material for kitchens, Corian can be cut to fit almost any shape, providing a seamless finish and endless design possibilities, available in 70 colours. Create a seamless look running from your worktop straight into your splashback.

Finally a top tip from us today - avoid the cliché ugly plug sockets in your splashback and place them under cabinets or inside drawers to complete the slick, modern look every kitchen deserves in 2015.