You should (Google) hangout with us more often

Magnet hosts its first Google Hangout with Will Taylor

Google Hangout Magnet

Magnet is always on trend and in the know when it comes to innovative concepts so it was only natural to jump on board with Google Hangout: the latest digital discussion.

The beauty of the Google Hangout is that you can chat to anyone, anywhere you want in the world. So of course we chose the UK’s leading (and our favourite) interior designer Will Taylor to talk all things hacking with the very talented Mandy Henry as our host.

In essence, Mandy was a talk show host and Will was our guest, but unlike the type of chat shows you tune into on a Friday evening, our interviewer and interviewee were 200 miles apart.

In the run up to the live show, our budding hackers submitted their questions via Twitter and Facebook for Will which Mandy then asked on the day. Thanks to the first class questions, the Google Hangout provided some excellent and informative content for those looking for interior inspiration – we even learned things we didn’t know!

Now that the dust from our hacking session has settled, Magnet now has a permanent video of the broadcast that we can use anywhere we want in the social media world. And for those who missed it, catch up here: