Inside out

Top tips on how to bring the outdoors in

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As we draw closer to summer it’s time to start thinking about how to freshen up your kitchen as it’ll inevitably be bustling with parties and barbeques in no time. We recommend you create a space that makes your guests feel they’ve never left the outdoors as they nip inside to grab that all important potato salad.

So, as the evenings become lighter and lighter, we’ve got some top tips on how to bring the outdoors in:

Natural light

If you have the advantage of being in the kitchen planning stages then ensure natural light is plentiful in your design. Don’t be scared of letting heat out with large windows, as under floor heating and blinds will easily keep you cosy in the winter. A generous view of the outdoors will immediately connect your kitchen with nature so it’s definitely worth investing in.

Natural materials

Stick to natural materials like soft timber to reinforce the idea of nature in your kitchen. A rustic kitchen will immediately conjure up feelings of the outdoors but a modern kitchen with the right touches can be just as effective. Incorporate hacking with items such as wooden pallets to create a window box or coffee table, these accessories will enhance the feeling of bringing nature indoors.

Natural ingredients

For a truly natural kitchen, ensure you always have fresh produce on display. An indoor planter of fresh herbs is not only a fantastic way to brighten up your space but will also provide the smells of the outdoors.

Similarly, houseplants and fresh flowers are a must if you want to capture the outdoors inside. It’s a simple but effective way to ensure your space is at one with nature.