Help your modern home find its rustic roots

Top tips for bringing a rustic edge to your modern home

Fantasy Oak

We don't always have the opportunity to choose our kitchen so it might be that you’re a vintage soul surrounded by modern décor looking for ways to express yourself.

Even if your contemporary kitchen fixtures can't be changed, there are plenty of avenues you can take to add rustic textures.

Walls of Steel

If you’re more urban chic than country house then delve into industrial hacks for a rustic but contemporary home. For example, a metal feature wall using materials like steel will immediately transform your kitchen into the epitome of rustic meets modern.

Axe Modern, Opt for Wood

Wooden accessories and worktops are a fast track to rustic décor. You can go subtle with utensils or go all out with impressive hacks using wood slacks, either way you’re guaranteed to capture countryside charm.

Nature Calls

There’s nothing more rustic than nature, so take advantage of its accessibility and affordable price. You don’t have to recreate a rainforest, simply tastefully incorporate houseplants and herbs to mirror the naturally rustic outdoors.

Expose yourself

If you can then keep structures, ceiling beams and plumbing exposed. The open frameworks diminish any idea of your kitchen being sleek and modern and bring it back to rustic roots.