Get with The Times

We look at the Bricks and Mortar guide to an on trend kitchen

AEG FavolaPlus Frosted Almond Black Coffee Machine

If you’re keen to top the charts when it comes to trends then you’ve come to the right place. The Times recently compiled a ‘What’s Hot’ list for luxury interiors so we’ve decided to take a look.

According to the trend-o-meter, opulent dining is top of the list when it comes to style. Feasting in fashion comes down to the finer details not just a state-of-the-art kitchen. Incorporate fine patterns on crockery and high quality tableware for the ultimate opulent dining experience in your luxurious Magnet kitchen.

Another highflyer is having affluent coffee making facilities at your beck and call. A good host can accommodate guests for breakfast, lunch and dinner. An exquisite coffee is the key to topping off first class entertainment. And what’s a coffee machine without a platform to show it off? Our Coffee Unit houses your precious cafetiere perfectly, complete with glass shelves for your cups and a drawer for your utensils and coffee pods.

Incorporating bespoke statement furniture and accessories is another top tip from The Times when it comes to being style savvy. Use your kitchen as the catwalk of your home by incorporating bold colours and patterns where least expected. For example a bright and playful armchair in an open plan kitchen is guaranteed to make a statement in a normally neutral room.

Finally, take it old school with integrated pantries. The pantry has earned its spot on the trend-o-meter because not only does the retro styling keep you on trend but you’ll reap the rewards when it comes to practicality. And if you’re not keen on the traditional then mix things up and opt for a modern, fresh approach with our dual-purpose oak produce drawer. The clever design is sleek and chic providing minimal fuss for groceries.