Banish storage wars in your kitchen

Storage tricks for your kitchen

Oak Produce Drawers

The secret to space saving is thinking outside the storage box. Your life doesn’t necessarily have to be hidden away in drawers and cupboards; you can implement unusual storage ideas to compartmentalise and keep on trend.

Be space savvy with your tech and integrate gadgets into kitchen fixtures such as pop up plug sockets in worktops and built in music systems. Take our Sound Bar for example; it fits seamlessly into your kitchen wall units to avoid the clutter of a typical sound dock.

If you have a kitchen island don’t let hollow space go to waste – incorporate built in shelving for optimum storage. As a central fixture, island shelving naturally allows easy access to necessities and makes sure every inch of space is being used effectively.

You might also want to mull over the option of open storage. It’s bang on trend this year and is a great excuse to show off items you’re particularly proud of. For those of you who have a tendency to give way to clutter, open storage is a great way to keep yourself in check – no one wants their mess on show.

Incorporate hacking for some quirky storage solutions. For example, a take an old wooden ladder, sand and paint it a fun bright colour and use the rungs as a newspaper stand - compartmentalising your literature has never been so cool.