Bake off inspires kitchen innovations

Great British Bake Off inspires nation’s kitchens

Magnet Great British Bake off

The Great British Bake Off has had an unbelievable influence on what consumers want from their kitchen, with sales of colourful kitchen utensils and sliding door ovens on the rise, according to a recent article in The Times.

Multiple kitchen and homeware brands have seen a considerable change in product demand with reference to the Bake Off influencing purchase decision-making.

The Bake Off has become a programme that everyone can relate to; whether you’re a baking enthusiast, looking to learn new skills or a fan of Mel & Sue’s witty banter, the viewing figures have soared this year and the audience is desperate to integrate the show into their lives.

From modern appliances to makeshift tools, the Bake Off had it all.

Nancy and Norman were prime examples of resourcefulness in the kitchen, using unconventional items such as drainpipes for moulds, helping to set their bakes above the rest.

Now that the nation is hooked on clever design, it’s expected innovations will make their way into more homes around the UK. You never know - Magnet’s Illusion Sink could be the next addition to the Bake Off tent next summer.