Think you know about chocolate? Think again

Magnet & Rococo team up to bust the chocolate myths
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We all love a bit of chocolate, don’t we?

But how much do we actually know about the sweet brown treat that rules our world?

Did you know, for example, that chocolate is actually a fruit? That’s one in the eye for those who demand we stick rigidly to our five-a-day, isn’t it?

In pursuit of Choccy-Nirvana Magnet has teamed up with Rococo Chocolates, an award-winning chocolatiers famous for pushing the limits of what’s possible in chocolate production.

And we’ve produced a video to shed some light on the deliciously dark stuff.

In the video below, Principal Chocolatier Barry Johnson talks us through Rococo’s chocolate philosophy and shows us that we’ve still a lot to learn about the humble chocolate bar.

Rococo has won awards at the Academy of Chocolate Awards and the International Chocolate Awards for its pursuit of chocolate excellence. And we’ve harnessed that wealth of knowledge to bring you some surprising detail about which chocolate is best for your purposes – whether its just an evening treat for yourself or the main ingredient in a wickedly delicious chocolate pudding at a dinner party - and added insight into how your average chocolate bar is produced.

Rococo’s acclaimed Couture chocolates, made in small batches fresh every week, might be very different from the bar in your corner shop but they start out exactly the same way.

From humble beginnings as a plain, simple cocoa bean, your luxury chocolate is transformed via celebrated age-old methods into one of the culinary wonders of the modern kitchen.

Check out the video – you’ll learn something new about your favourite treat. We guarantee it.

See for yourself, you won’t be disappointed!

If the kitchen caught your eye, it was filmed in the Astral Grey in the Magnet Kensington showroom

Watch the video here!

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