Hack your way to a creative home

With more and more people beginning to make do with what they have, ingenious and creative trends have hit the homes sector.

Hacking Trend - Kitchen Containers

Hacking – a method of turning old furniture into something you would never expect it to be, is being picked up all over the world.

Hacking gives you the chance to bring freshness and transformation into your home, giving tired and often worn furniture a new lease of life.

With a bit of imagination and creativity, make your kitchen personal and take small steps to get your creativity flowing…

To ease you into the hacking method, start with a few simple ideas such as repainting old empty pots and tins to create fun and funky kitchen storage containers.

After a challenge? Use items such as ladders to create quirky unit storage with key shelving to hold all your belongings.

For bigger projects, furniture and other household items can be transformed in magical ways. An old bathtub can become a gorgeous sofa, reinvented to create a modern day piece in this season’s prints and bold colours.

With hacking the possibilities are endless. Your favourite pieces can be given a complete revamp as brand new creations in your home.

Express yourself and get creative.