Has your kitchen got soul

To function as the social hub it has fast become, a kitchen must possess that unseen but inspirational quality we look for subconsciously in every aspect of our life – soul.

Kitchen soul

Your kitchen is far more than a simple food factory, isn’t it?

It has become the heart of the home in the 21st Century – the place where family business of any order is sorted out, where broken hearts are mended, where important life decisions are made and where we are most honest about our deepest held feelings.

So we’re posing you a simple question today. Does your kitchen have soul?

Kitchen soul underpins everything we are doing this year – all designed to give you the best chance of enjoying your kitchen ambience to the max.

Kitchen soul is a simple enough concept too. You know when you’re in a restaurant, how you feel and ‘taste’ – the whole experience - is hugely affected by the décor, the ambient music and the lighting? Well it’s exactly the same in your kitchen.

Consider the overall experience you get from your kitchen – what you hear, the scent, what its ‘touch’ feels like. And, it’s much easier and cheaper to change the atmosphere - smell, sounds and lighting - of a kitchen than it is to totally renovate the space.

Research shows that all sensory impressions register large with us. So a meal enjoyed to the full won’t just be about the food, it’ll be a result of all the factors surrounding the meal like the taste, the lighting in the room, the sounds and so forth.

That’s why Magnet has just introduced its own integrated Sound Bar – built into the kitchen units so you can’t see ugly wires trailing across your kitchen surfaces – for its new range of kitchens.

It not only sounds great and means you can change the ambience of the room with just your choice of music – beamed via Bluetooth from your smartphone – but it looks cool and discreet too.

There’s so much more to the sensory Kitchen Soul but the beauty of it is you can do as little or as much as you want and make it totally you.

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