Magnet provides for the new coffee nation

The whole of the UK has fallen in love with coffee again, hasn't it?

So we’ve done something about it here at Magnet.

Magnet Coffee Unit

You can’t walk down a single street in Britain without that gorgeous chocolatey tinge of freshly brewed Americano permeating your mood.

But it is simply not good enough to be able pop out to your local coffee shop and grab a skinny latte – now Brits want to have the best coffee available in their own homes.

Makes sense to us. We love nothing more than the taste of that just made fresh coffee from our own espresso machine.

In the past coffee machines may have been stuffed in a cupboard, out of sight, and pulled out only when guests came round. And we don’t think that’s the way these glorious and, frankly, beautiful machines should be treated.

So we’ve done something about it here at Magnet.

We’ve designed a unique space in our range of kitchens dedicated solely to those who simply can’t get through the day without a taste of their favourite fresh coffee and the smell of freshly ground Arabica beans filling their kitchen

Magnet’s new coffee unit boasts an elegant backlight to make your pride-and-joy espresso machine look its glorious best and we’ve even given you gorgeous glass shelves for your espresso cups and a handy drawer to store all your other coffee accessories.

It means your lovely chrome coffee machine can take centre stage, where it rightly deserves to be. It also means you’ll be far more likely to enjoy fresh coffee more often.

Check out this fantastic video, with Girl About Tech’s Amy Cutmore, to see the Coffee Unit in action - see more here

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