Changing rooms

The kitchen has a function makeover

The kitchen is no longer defined by functionality alone – the most inspirational are a haven of personality, a culinary canvas and an entertainer’s dream.

Gone are the days of separating the lounge and kitchen. The two key communal rooms have been thrown together in a flurry of home entertainment. We are constantly pushing the boundaries in our homes and as a result we’ve knocked down the wall (literally) between the kitchen and living room.

The wall that restricted homeowners and forced purpose for each room has been removed giving us more freedom, not only with how we use the space but how we express ourselves within it.

As a result, the kitchen has become a more relaxed area where our personality shines and we choose to spend time relaxing and socialising in it. We’re making our kitchens more welcoming, homely, comfortable and beautiful.

In fact, if we totaled up the time we spend in our kitchens, cooking and preparing food would probably only occupy a fraction of those hours.

With the kitchen being the new social hub of our homes, it’s only natural that it will capture the essence of our character too. Whether it’s the choice of recipe books on the shelf, the to-do list hanging on a wall cabinet or children’s artwork pinned proudly to the fridge, the kitchen has been recast as the main character in the house and it acts as a gateway to its owner’s personality perfectly.

Interior Design Expert Abigail Ahern is a big believer in adapting your home to weave in your personality: “I’ve added bits of furniture such as a console where I can sit and compose recipes and bar stools by the island where I can chat, flick through magazines and hang out. The kitchen now feels as cool as the rest of my home since I’ve accessorised it to be a living space and not just a functional one.” - Abigail Ahern Interior Design Expert.

But why not go one step further and put yourself on display? Whether it’s spotlights on an old family photograph, a vintage vase placed proudly in a glass cabinet or old books scattered on a worktop. The days of a spotless, clutter-free kitchen are gone - no one likes to be in a clinical environment, personality will immediately make guests feel at home.