Why your kitchen is a living breathing diary

Remember how, back in the day, everything in the kitchen was hidden away behind solid doors, destined for a life in darkened cupboards.

Well the kitchen Dark Ages are well and truly over.

Kitchen pantry

Today, the modern kitchen in the modern home is like a living, breathing diary of the owner.

More than half of home-owners now want their kitchen to reflect their very personal, unique style. And to do that they are displaying more of ‘themselves’ on their kitchen shelves.

The Kitchen, as we all know well, is rapidly replacing the lounge as the main social room in the modern house – the place where we listen to music, sort out family issues, do homework and just relax.

And as such, it is also the place many of us are now choosing to embody and reveal our personalities.

We use it to display objects from the entire home and pieces of the lives that make us ‘us’. So, you’re as likely to see collectible guitars on kitchen walls as you are pots and pans these days.

And those antique pots and pans – once hidden in the dark recesses of our cupboards – are now displayed on open shelves or kitchen-based display cabinets. The modern kitchen has also become a music room and you’re as likely to see CDs or collectible vinyl albums displayed there as you are jam jars and utensils.

This movement towards becoming curators of our own personal ‘museum’ has been spurred by the trend towards sharing our lives through social networks.

Clearly, everything can’t be on show – there are practical issues to consider in the functional kitchen and space isn’t unlimited. So tailor-made storage systems, that make everything you would like to hide away easy to access for those occasions when they are needed, are fast gaining a foothold.

That balance between Hide & Show is the end goal. And, fortunately for you kitchen curator-types, at Magnet we have a myriad of kitchen storage solutions however you wish to weigh that equation.

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