Planning a new kitchen: Top planning tips

Spring is the season of new life, so what better time to update your home with a brand new kitchen from Magnet. Here are some top tips from Hayley Shaw, Head of Merchandising at Magnet, for buying a new kitchen
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1. The key consideration when planning a new kitchen is, of course, the budget. Always have a realistic idea of how much you’re willing and able to spend so that your designer can create a kitchen that is right for you.

2. Make sure you have an idea of the kitchen you’re looking for – do you prefer a clean, modern look or a traditional, cosy feel? Once you know this, you can eliminate any kitchens that don’t fit your chosen look.

3. When preparing to meet a kitchen designer, gather inspiration from magazines and websites. This helps to build a picture of your preferred kitchen colour scheme, style and fit.

4. Photos of your current kitchen make planning a new one much easier so try to take as many as possible to build up a clear image of the space you’re working with, for example any tricky corners or angled walls. Combined with accurate room measurements, this will make the planning of your kitchen much simpler.

5. Make a note of any questions and preferences so you can be honest and realistic with the designer from the start, ensuring all your needs are addressed.

6. Understand what your budget will have to include – do you need to pay for building work, plastering and flooring? Unexpected issues can appear when building work is involved so make sure you factor this into your budget.

7. Know where to splash out, for example a well-fitted kitchen can make a huge difference to the look and feel of the home so installation isn’t an area to scrimp on. Opt for quality worktops as they’re a dominant feature in the kitchen.

8. Equally, know where you can save money. Appliances can be expensive so look for something high quality but simple. Only pay extra for something high-tech if you’re likely to get the use out of it.

9. Make the most out of free extras, for example Magnet offer Full Circle Service as standard which includes a home survey, smart design, personalisation, installation, home check and smart care.

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