The modern kitchen must be a jack of all trades

There’s a new buzzword being used whenever the modern kitchen is mentioned in dispatches in 2013.Multi-functional.
Fusion Blue fully installed kitchen

If your modern kitchen isn’t made up of multifunctional units containing and underpinning multi-functional appliances well, it just isn’t truly modern.

Today’s Thoroughly Modern Millie, as far as kitchens are concerned, has to be a jack of all trades and master of them all.

As homeowners begin to embrace boundary-less living - where kitchen, dining and living areas are no longer restricted by obvious divides – so, the furniture we use in those spaces has to adapt.

As a result, the introduction of multifunctional furniture, like kitchen storage units that double as informal low level seating, is beginning to be seen more commonly.

And what was traditionally kitchen space is now also considered as an extension of what we previously considered a social space.

The traditional lines are blurring by the day.

The most popular new choice, reflecting this movement in today’s kitchen is the multi-functional kitchen island.

Some of these islands play host to a refrigerator and storage, some even host the main cooker or hob. Most double as some form of breakfast bar and worktop surface too.

They are also the natural home for all kitchen socials – a ready made elevated dining space for more informal culinary get-togethers.

Magnet’s Astral Blue is a great example of what can be achieved with multi-functional units.

Take a look at how its pale blue beauty can transform a space from workhorse kitchen into sociable living space.

This modern kitchen has a stunning high gloss pale blue finish. It makes for a bright and open kitchen, but the acrylic surface is also really durable.

All the cabinet doors feature a contrasting colour trim that add a touch of style to the overall design. And you can even do the same with all the end panels by opting for a contrasting finish.

But it’s the multi-functional island that really gives this beauty its soul.

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