From catwalk to kitchen - bold and moody florals are back

If you've been watching the catwalks at the best designer shows recently you won't have failed to notice that the moody & bold floral is back in vogue and beginning to invade our interiors.

From catwalk to kitchen in one single bounce – big, bold and moody florals are this season’s must-have for designer-dependent kitchenistas everywhere.

In fact you can kiss goodbye to subtlety and delicateness inside your home as we head in to 2014 – it will be all about colour and pattern from January onwards.

Not only are large floral prints being used on wallpapers but they're being woven, as we speak, into the very best fabrics and rugs too.

If you are serious about breathing new life in to a room but still want to be bang on trend with your interior design, then this is one bandwagon you need to be clambering aboard.

Think wallpapers emblazoned with hugely colourful or dark and mysterious floral prints.

As long as it’s floral, large and bold or moody, you’ll not be far away from the centre of this revolution.

Floral patterns don’t have to be restricted to the walls of your house either - floral fabrics are massive once more.

Cushions, duvets, pillows and rugs, are all being given a floral makeover by the design-savvy ready for the New Year.

Get your floral on now and think BIG!

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