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I just love making chocolates. Actually it’s my job. I always said that if I could get paid for doing something that I’m passionate about, that would be the key to happiness. Now I make my own chocolates for my own little patisserie in town and they need to be right in every detail. And so does the kitchen I make them in. Not only has it got plenty of storage for my ingredients, the island unit is a perfect workspace. I call it my ‘chocolate station’ because that’s where the magic happens.When you make as much chocolate as I do, coffee becomes an important part of your life too. I know which blend tastes best with which type of chocolate. I mentioned this to Magnet and they suggested making coffee an integral part of my kitchen. 

  • wooden spoons
  • Coffee sieve
  • chocolates
  • Red teacups
  • coffee pods
  • Magnet chocolate maker
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