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I compose Jazz scores for a living, so I listen to music constantly. All sorts of music in all sorts of places, because I like it and because it helps inspire me to write my own. Fortunately, I can even do this in my kitchen, thanks to a neat little sound bar that blends seamlessly into my wall cabinets. You wouldn’t even know it was there, but I do. So now I can listen to great quality music while I’m making a pasta sauce, which is handy. And because my sound bar is Bluetooth linked, I can instantly change the mood and the music with my smartphone. When I do get inspired, my kitchen is also the perfect place for me to get down to work. I simply spread out my music sheets on the roomy island worktop and scribble down notes as they come into my head.

  • Integra Astral Grey
  • Briefcase
  • Ipad
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  • Integra Astral Grey
  • Magnet coffee machine
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