At Magnet, we know lighting can be the finishing touch that makes a great kitchen a showpiece kitchen. From throwing some much-needed light on a dark corner, to backlighting your favourite features or making your worktops dazzle, bespoke lighting is an essential accompaniment to any modern kitchen.

Our purpose-designed kitchen lighting range covers your every need. Over-cabinet lighting strips make your fixtures leap from the wall, while under cabinet spotlights will make your worktop the centre of attention, and elegant shelf lighting adds some glow to your utensils and decorations. Our bright ideas are an attractive and energy-efficient addition to any kitchen design.

  • T-bar over cabinet light

    Over Cabinet

  • Illuminated floating shelf

    Illuminated shelf light

    Illuminated shelf light

    Create a dramatic feature from your shelf units with this aluminium framed glass top shelf that houses a fluorescent light strip within.

  • Plinth Strip Light

    Plinth Light

  • Rechargeable LED Light

    Rechargeable LED Light

  • Light Sensor

    Light Sensor

  • Due Power Socke

    Duo Power Socket