The Coffee Unit

AEG FavolaPlus Frosted Almond Black Coffee Machine

innovations The Coffee Unit

If you like coffee and you enjoy drinking it regularly, you’ll just love the way our specially designed Coffee Unit fits so perfectly into your kitchen and so neatly into your life. Instead of hiding your coffee machine away where it’s hard to reach, this unit does completely the opposite and lets you display it right out in the open. All in the smartest and most stylish way, without any mess, fuss or clutter.

Magnet coffee unit drawer

There are glass shelves for your cups and a drawer for your utensils and coffee pods, so everything is neat, tidy and close at hand. Which not only looks good, but also makes it much easier to prepare and serve your coffee. Our Coffee Unit looks especially great with the lights low with it's backlighting. It can become a real talking point when you have guests round. And best of all, it’s just one example of how you can find so much more beauty built into your kitchen with Magnet.

Magnet Coffee Unit
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