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Our Sound Bar is unique, for one very simple reason. Because it was designed and developed exclusively for use in the kitchen. Not just in the way it looks, but in the way it sounds too. Visually, the slim and stylish Sound Bar blends so seamlessly into a run of wall cabinets, you wouldn’t even know it was there. Until you hear it that is, when the high end speakers fill your kitchen with sound. And no matter where you stand, the sound is exactly the same high quality in every inch of your space.  The Sound Bar is a very special audio experience for your kitchen and it’s just one example of how you can find so much more beauty built in with Magnet.

Magnet Sound Bar

Bluetooth connectivity

You can even link the Sound Bar to any device with Bluetooth capability, so for instance you can change the music in a moment with your Smartphone. From soft, easy listening one minute, to a loud dance track the next. Simply match the music to the mood and get great quality sound as you cook, eat, chill out or even throw a party.

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