Nova Cashmere

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Our Cashmere kitchens are as luxurious as they sound. With a slab door and high-gloss finish, this kitchen stands firmly at the forefront of modern design. This kitchen isn’t just about looks though - with its Max-Top worktops, sliding doors and built-in wine cooler, the Nova Cashmere’s beauty lies as much in its functionality as in anything else.
Features Amtico Slate Jet Stone flooring. Ask your designer for more details about our flooring range.

Nova Cashmere
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Sale discount included in from Price and includes: 1 x larder unit L50; 1 x doorline base unit F50; 1 x built under oven housing HBU60; 1 x 3 drawer base unit F3D60; 1 x 1000 base unit F100; 1 x 1000 wall unit W100; 2 x wall units W50; 2 x tower end panels PT2118; 1 x floor end panel PFE870; 3 x wall end panels PW704; 2 x 2700 universal plinths PLIN27; 4 x 2700 trims TRIM27; 1 x 3m length laminate worktop.

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