Integra Meteor Grey kitchen

Our matt grey version of the Integra Meteor range is perhaps the most versatile of them all. Shown here featuring a Juniper Corian worktop making it subtle, yet classy, and the perfect place to enjoy drinks with friends.

Integra Meteor Grey
Project Yellow
Astracast Illusion 1.0B Sink

Innovations The Show and Hide sink

Available colors and materials

  • Meteor Blue

    Meteor Blue
  • Meteor Cashmere

    Meteor Cashmere
  • Meteor Light Grey

    Meteor Light Grey
  • Meteor Grey

    Meteor Grey

Also available in

Integra Meteor Grey Cameo
Integra Meteor Blue Cameo
Integra Meteor Light Grey Cameo
AEG FavolaPlus Frosted Almond Black Coffee Machine

innovations The Coffee Unit

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