Add value to your kitchen with a granite worktop

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The ultimate and most luxurious worktop surface you can choose. Adds value to your kitchen and home and makes both more desirable. And because it's a natural material the pattern of every single worktop is unique.

Its one of the most durable materials on earth - only diamond is harder. It's resistant to heat, water, scratching and staining. Has a high gloss finish that's very easy to clean and maintain. Available in 12 different colours to match every decor scheme and comes with a 10 year limited manufacturer's warranty.

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  • Granite Gialio Veneziano

    Giallo Veneziano

  • Granite Jet Black

    Jet Black

  • Granite Angolan Black

    Angolan Black

  • Granite Baltic Brown

    Baltic Brown

  • Granite Blue Pearl

    Blue Pearl

  • Granite Emerald Pearl

    Emerald Pearl

  • Granite Nero Impala

    Nero Impala

  • Granite Star Galaxy

    Star Galaxy

  • Granite Tan Brown

    Tan Brown

  • Granite Venetian Gold

    Venetian Gold

  • Granite Uba Tuba

    Uba Tuba

  • Granite Bianco Sardo

    Bianco Sardo